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Off the Cuff Marketing (OTCM) is a full service marketing agency that focuses on creating results. Based in Toronto, Canada with an international and domestic clientele, our team’s combined expertise in marketing, advertising, business consultation, website development, information technology (IT), e-commerce, graphic design, copywriting and social media strategy ensures that we are qualified to provide the creative and profitable solutions you are looking for in an extensive range of media.

We can build you a custom website that engages clients, design and print brochures that get attention, create an enticing logo that reflects the strongest aspects of your company, determine the most efficient and effective advertising strategy for your business or consult with you on any unique needs you have.Our boutique marketing agency believes in a hands-on consultation process.


We work directly with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your brand, challenges and marketing objectives. We customize our services to fit your needs, doing what it takes to turn your vision into a work of art. From basic packages to our full Masterpiece Service, we provide prompt results with the necessary follow-through and maintenance required to help you move forward with your business in complete confidence.

OTCM was founded in 2008 by CEO Faythe Pal, a professional marketer and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience. She recently received the honour of becoming the youngest ever and first female chair of the Canadian Institute of Marketing; a prestigious organization of professional marketers dedicated to developing

innovative, ethical and holistic marketing strategies. Since then, she has assembled a team of talented and creative young professionals, each of whom possess a unique skill set and outlook that strengthens the team and its ability to offer innovative marketing solutions. Off the Cuff Marketing is dedicated to leaving a positive imprint on the world and in our local communities. We are proud to work with a range of charitable and community-minded organizations. We offer a 60% discount on our standard rates to charitable and non-profit organizations that align with our corporate values. In some cases, we have offered our services completely free of charge. We believe that charities deserve access to effective marketing services that allow them to achieve their admirable objectives. Whether your needs are modest or you are looking to make an ambitious vision reality, contact Off the Cuff Marketing today and receive direct answers that are targeted on taking your business to the next level.

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